Are You Confident to Bare Your Back?

Are You Confident to Bare Your Back?

Baring  one’s back seems like a breeze for most ladies but showing fats like they call “ Bra Fat” , “ Back Fat” or  “ those horrible wings  at my back “ … the list  of complaining  of their back doesn’t stop…

According to Plastic Surgeon Dr Marco who practices at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital, these unwanted fats that have been accumulated, is also known as lipodystrophy.

This disturbing fat in the back accumulates once you put on a few kilos and despite having an active lifestyle with regular exercising, fats in these areas tends to stay there. But the good news is that the back, due to its very thick dermis,  is one of the best areas for liposuction.   This is because it seldom leaves any irregularity or rippling skin.  The thicker the dermis is, the better liposuction is. For areas with thinner skin like inner thighs or arms we have to be more careful in removing too much fat but in the back, we can really clean out the subcutaneous fat. The elasticity of the skin is much better to contract.

Dr Marco commented that with the aid of liposuction, the back of the body can be shaped into a perfect silhouette and the change of the back view can be very dramatic.

The pre-surgical plan is critical as patients can be very detail.   Some even wear their swimsuit or a particular dress asking to take photo of the back and get it printed out and discuss with Dr Marco about the bulges on the back that they want it to be removed.

This liposuction of the back or back liposculpture can be done as a day surgery case and takes up to 2 hours with either the traditional liposuction, laser or ultrasound assisted liposuction.

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About the Author:

Dr. Marco has developed both experimental and clinical work, created techniques and developed surgical instruments that represent great contribution to plastic surgery. In 1992 he presented his first achievements in a meeting at the Southern Chapter of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, in Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil. It is registered in the book of meeting records that conferred him as the first surgeon presenting an endoscopic plastic surgery method in a scientific meeting. He also had the first scientific paper published in the Journal of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery, with the papers “Videoendoscopy in Plastic Surgery: Brief Communication” and “Endoscopic Abdominoplasty (Subcutaneouscopy)”, through workshops, meetings, conferences, scientific publications and articles he has shared and globalized the know-how and use of his techniques. Lately, Dr Marco is pushing endoscopic surgery to the next level by introducing the use of the latest high-tech robotics system (da Vinci® Surgical System) to perform minimally-invasive procedures.

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