Breast Augmentation

Fat for My Breasts ?

Plastic Surgeon Dr Marco said it is possible to use your own body fat to enlarge and enhance your breasts.

This is known as fat grafting procedure.

Firstly one will have to be :
a. access and check how much she wish to enlarge & enhance
b. sufficient body fat to be grafted
c. undergo medical check up to know she is fit for surgery

The […]

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    Learn more about ALCL & possible links to Silicon Breast Implants

Learn more about ALCL & possible links to Silicon Breast Implants

There is a new issue about silicon breast implant. Even if the study is not complete or really conclusive but the possible link between ALCL and silicon breast implant is causing a lot of inquest and worries among the patients with breast implants.

Following yesterday reported article on The Straits Time publication, it has already […]

My Plastic Surgeon says I can get enlarge my breast with my fat… Is it true?

My Plastic Surgeon says I can get enlarge my breast with my fat… Is it true?

I went to see my plastic surgeon asking for a breast job using silicone implants but he gave me another option of using my fat to enhance my breasts.  I found this an interesting choice as I also […]

Popular Cosmetic Procedures For Brides

Wedding planning is not all about sourcing for the perfect venue, most beautiful dress and cake. The wedding day is meant to be the bride’s most important day of her life and it is natural that she will want to look her best.

But what cosmetic procedures can she do and when to do them […]

Let’s Talk About Capsular Contracture in Breast Implants

The development of capsular contracture is a nightmare for women who have had breast augmentation surgery. The breasts feel hard, and shift position causing it to look lopsided. In extreme cases, it might also cause a lot of discomfort and pain.

Fibrous breast capsules are formed around the breast implants when they are […]

What Can Be Done About Breast Implant Rippling

Before we explore the possible revision surgeries for breast implant rippling, I want to explain what it is and the reasons behind it happening.


Breast implant rippling usually refers to the folds and wrinkles on the implant that is visible on the skin. This happens for women who have had breast […]

Breast Implant Placement: Which Is Best?

Should breast implants be placed above the muscle or below the muscle? Which method is the best?
The first problem is that there is no best answer for any one person. Each person’s own physical characteristics and physique determine which method is best for them. The solution is therefore to look for an experienced […]

Dear Dr Marco, How Does Fat Grafting Work?

Patients always ask me how fat grafting works, and how long it lasts. It is a great question because fat grafting has becoming more common over the past few years, with it being used in facial rejuvenation, hand rejuvenation, breasts augmentation, buttock enhancement, and other areas for volume restoration.

Fat grafting is […]

Reasons to Revise Your Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation revision, which involves removal and/or replacement of your breast implants is one of the most common and routine plastic surgery procedures performed. With newer medical techniques and implant material, more women are able to receive the breast enhancement they desire. But if the breast augmentation may not have yielded the results you envisioned, […]

Make Way For A Brand New You: Its Mummy Makeover Time!

“You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression,” this was always a phrase that refers to the courtship ritual, maybe job interviews too. Whether it refers to our pearly white smiles, our haircut, or even our general physique, our appearances do matter for first impressions, or at least for our self-confidence.

This […]