Plastic Surgeon Dr Marco said it is possible to use your own body fat to enlarge and enhance your breasts.

This is known as fat grafting procedure.

Firstly one will have to be :
a. access and check how much she wish to enlarge & enhance
b. sufficient body fat to be grafted
c. undergo medical check up to know she is fit for surgery

The procedure will start with a Liposuction is done to those areas where she does not like – areas can be from hips / love handles , inner thighs or outer thighs or even arms.

Once the fat is harvested and go through centrifugation process to separate and remove unwanted components such as blood, water or oil. The remaining fat is then injected into the breast.

According to Dr Marco , this procedure is getting more popular and can be a double gain for ladies – to have the breast enlarge and enhance to their desire size as well as liposuction done to remove those areas that are bothering them.


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