June 8, 2018

Knowing All About Eye Bags/Lower Blepharoplasty

June 8, 2018

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Eye Bags

With the ageing process, the tissue structures and muscles around the eye orbital area weaken. The fat around the eye area can become puffy and swollen due to various factors such as fluid retention, lack of sleep, smoking, lifestyle, and genetic predisposition.

Eye bag removal with transcutaneous method

What does it mean?
This is a very common method used by many plastic surgeons.

Suitable for?
– those with excess skin
– has bulging fats

Where is the incision?/ Where do you place the cut? 
– the incision cut is just below the lower eyelids (following your natural smiling line/ fold just below your lower eyelids)

Will the scar be visible? / How long it takes for the scar to fade?
– the scar may be a bit visible initially but will fade away in time

What is the surgery like?
– it is done as a day surgery case
– can take up to 1 .5 hrs, depending on the complexity

What is the recovery like? 
– minimal swelling and bruising for about 5 to 7 days
– one may resume back to normal routine exercise after 2 weeks

For the eyes bags removal, it can be a stand-alone procedure, or it can be done together with the upper excess eyelid skin removal, or together with a facelift procedure.

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Eye bags removal via the transconjunctival method

Suitable for?
– an individual who doesn’t have any excess skin on the lower eyelids
– better for younger individuals
– shows only the bulge of fat

Where is the incision?
– incision is made in the inner part of the lower eyelid

How is the procedure done?
– is usually done under local anaesthesia
– can be done as a day surgery procedure
– takes around 1.5hrs, depending on the case complexity
– incision cut is made in the inner part of the lower eyelid
– the excess fat is removed, and the cut is closed up with stitches

What is the advantage of this method?
– no visible scar

What is the recovery like?
– minimal swelling and bruising for a few days
– resumed exercise around 2 weeks for most

eye bags thru transconjun

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