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After all the information on Breast, the next topic Dr Marco will be talking about is on rebuilding the body after pregnancy.

According to Plastic Surgeon , Dr Marco who practises at the Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital , the age group of ladies coming into the clinic varies from those who are in their 20s who started their family planning early to even those who are in the 60s. Their request for a Mummy Makeover for their body is very individual and personal.

Some will race to the clinic right after their 1st pregnancy to ensure they are back to their pre pregnancy look & body physics while some comes in between their family planning or after their family planning to rebuild their body.

The frequent questions being asked to Dr Marco are:

Q 1. How can I prevent having stretch marks and skin flabbiness after my plan pregnancy?

Answer : There are quite many ladies who come in for consultation prior to pregnancy asking for advice; “how to prevent stretch marks and skin flabbiness”?

For those who have stubborn pockets of fats accumulated in areas such as hips , lower abdomen or thighs that even if they lose weight , or are in their ideal weight , those stubborn fats doesn’t go away , liposuction is the best treatment .


It is because in those areas of so call lipodystrophy, there are enlarged numbers of fat cells that have more prone to store fat inside comparing to the fat in other areas. That is why when you gain weight, it will grow disproportionately in the lipodystrophy area (area of stubborn fats) when comparing to the other areas of the body.

When the patient gain weight during the pregnancy, those areas will grow bigger, ballooning out the skin and cause stretch marks and flabbiness when the patient lose weight again.

That is why liposuction before pregnancy can help in preventing having stretch marks and flabbiness.

Q2. How Long Should I Wait After Pregnancy before I can do any liposuction or tummy tuck or any treatment to help me to get back to shape?

Answer : There is fix right time but it’s highly recommended to wait for a minimum of 4 to 8 months after pregnancy to do anything.

The body needs time to adjust and recover. For those who breastfeed tends to have a faster recovery of the abdominal area and if you are breastfeeding, it is recommended that you should finish your breastfeeding before thinking and planning for your cosmetic surgery.

Q 3. After 2 pregnancies, I am left with a bulge on my tummy and flabby skin with stretch marks on my abdomen. I want back my pre pregnancy body.

Answer : This is a very common complaint. This bulge in the tummy is caused by the rectus diastasis and the flabby skin with stretch marks or excess skin is due to the stretch of the skin after multiple pregnancies.

The correct procedure to remove the bulge is to “Repair the Rectus Diastasis” and to remove the flabby skin with stretch marks and tighten the skin to rebuild the body is known as Dermalipectomy.

This whole procedure is called Abdominoplasty, or commonly known as Tummy Tuck surgery.

Q 4. What is Rectus Diastasis?

Answer : Rectus diastasis is known as Abdominal Separation  or Abdominal muscle gap   or Abdominal midline weakness.

It means the belly sticks out because the space between the left and right belly muscles has widened and this causes the Bulge. It is very common for ladies after pregnancy or from one with yo yo weight problem. It can also be caused by other causes that are idiopathic / genetic. It can happen to anyone at any age group and to man as well. This is a medical condition that can be covered by insurance to a certain extend.

According to Dr Marco, if the gap is more than 3cm, the best way of to correct the rectus diastasis is with surgery.

There are different ways of performing the surgery to correct the recti diastasis:

  1. The open method will include skin removal or abdominal dermolipectomy for those who have over redundant fold of skin (also known as abdominal apron). This method will leave a scar in the bikini line but will give the benefit of a tighten stomach and lifting the pubis area giving a flat stomach.
  1. For those presenting with a beautiful and non-redundant abdominal skin can use a minimally invasive method known as endoscopic abdominoplasty or endoscopic rectus plication. The latest technology for rectus plication through key hole incision is the #robotic rectus plication or robotic abdominoplasty which uses the davinci surgical® system. It leaves minimal and inconspicuousness scar.

To read more about Rectus Diastasis , click here : as it was previously mentioned in the earlier Blog

Rectus Diastasis _babygrowing pix

Rectus abdominus after plication for pt resize

Q 5. Dr Marco are you sure I can still wear back my bikini after my tummy tuck surgery? Will the scar be visible ?

Answer : Of course you can wear your bikini after your tummy tuck surgery as your abdomen skin is firm or even firmer than before your pregnancy.

The tummy tuck scar will be hidden within the bikini line.

Q 6. What is the recovery time after a tummy tuck?

Answer: Recovery time varies from individual but a minimal 2 to 4 night’s stay in hospital is recommended. Most can go back to work within 2 weeks and to be back to playing tennis or running marathon , it is recommended after 4 to 6 months.

Q 7. While doing the tummy tuck, can I have a boob job at the same time ?

Answer : Yes it is possible to combine your breast surgery together with the tummy tuck. Such combination of surgery is getting more popular and sometimes when the lady gain back her desire body, she will feel more confident of herself .

Q 8.After having my third child, I noticed my labia skin gets easily irritated and painful when I am wearing my underwear and even having sex. Can you help me doctor?

Answer : This can happen after repeated pregnancies and/or vaginal deliveries in some women as the inner labia tissue of the external genitalia can become redundant or hang lower than the outer labia. Often the labial tissue can become stretched out and results to excess skin.

Some will complain and experience awkwardness, pain with intercourse, or discomfort when walking or even rubbing against the underwear one is wearing.

Occasionally, redundant labia tissue predisposes to yeast infections or creates friction tears of the tissue.

Labiaplasty or Labia Rejuvenation is a surgical procedure that corrects excessively long, enlarged or redundant labia minora tissue. It is a simple day surgery procedure which takes around 1 hr , and recovery time is around 5 to 7 days for most individual.