My Plastic Surgeon says I can get enlarge my breast with my fat… Is it true?

I went to see my plastic surgeon asking for a breast job using silicone implants but he gave me another option of using my fat to enhance my breasts.  I found this an interesting choice as I also like to shape my body at the same time and all I wanted was a slightly fuller breast.  To me, it seems like a double gain.

But what exactly is this fat injection to the breasts or fat grafting to the breasts procedure all about & how to go about?

How Does Fat Grafting Work

I was also informed that if all I wanted was to have a slightly fuller breasts ,  this fat injection could be a good and suitable procedure for  me as I can control with my plastic surgeon’s help to reach to my ideal size.  And best of all, as this is an autologous fat, I do not need to worry about changing implants in future.

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