A deposit of 30%, including GST of the Surgeon’s fee, is required to secure your surgery booking date if the

surgery is booked more than 2 weeks in advance.
(Including Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holiday) 

Full payment is required if your surgery date is booked less than 2 weeks in advance.

Only after this is paid will we book the Theatre time in the Hospital and the anaesthetist, and your date is secured for the surgery.

Only when the deposit is paid the requested surgery date is confirmed. (Depending on availability)


Payment for the surgical implant(s) is required when you book the surgery date to ensure that the implant(s) needed for you are available.

Deposit and payment for surgical implant(s) is non-refundable.


We understand that a situation that could force you to postpone your surgery may arise. Please understand that such changes affect not only Dr Marco but other patients as well. Dr Marco’s time, as well as that of operating room staff and anaesthetists, is a precious commodity, and we require your courtesy and concern.

  • Changing the surgery date should be done 2 weeks before the surgery date (including Saturday/ Sunday and Public holidays).
  • Change of Surgery Date due to Medical Reasons such as issues with pre-op investigations or if you are sick/ unwell and are certified
  • A deposit refund is only allowed if you are unfit for surgery due to legitimate documentation due to medical reasons with a treating doctor’s statement.

Payment can be paid by Cash (in Singapore Dollars) / Credit Card or Personal Cheque or Bank Transfer.


Personal Cheque from any bank in Singapore payable to “Dr Marco Faria Correa Plastic Surgery Pte Ltd”


Please get in touch with the clinic for banking information.

For further information, please check and clarify with the clinic staff.
Thank you for your kind assistance.

Dr Marco Faria Correa Plastic Surgery Pte Ltd

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form (Click to Download)