While many people choose to have plastic surgery to restore a function or to enhance a feature they are not happy about, some people decide to have surgery for a reason that is quite impractical—they want to undergo plastic surgery to look like their favorite celebrity.

But that is not what plastic surgery is about. The goal of plastic surgery is not to make you look like another person; it is to make you look like you—an improved version of you.

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There is the woman who used plastic surgery to look like Jennifer Lawrence, the man who wanted to look like Justin Bieber, and of course, the French couple who under went multiple surgeries to look like Barbie and Ken, the plastic dolls.

In all honesty, none of them actually do turn out like the celebrities they love. And that is because replicating a celebrity, or anybody, requires having hundreds of tiny details exactly right. It must be the right skin tone, skin texture, facial feature position, and even he right bone structure! Having even a single aspect different will compromise the final result.

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celebrity plastic surgery singaporeWhile it is not possible to look 100% identical to your favourie celebrity, it is definitely possible for plastic surgery to help you resemble him/her! You can definitely use certain aspects of a celebrity’s features for inspiration.

If you want fuller lips like model and celebrity Kylie Jenner, you can opt for a lip injection involving hyaluronic acid. Alternatively, for a more permanent fuller lip, fat grafting can be used.

Or if you want a sculpted waist with a fuller bottom like celebrity Kim Kardashian, a Brazilian Butt Lift is the way to go. This procedure takes fat out from your waist, hips, tummy and thighs by liposuction, and injected into the buttocks to create an hourglass figure.

If you envy model Kate Upton’s full breasts, you may choose to undergo breast enhancement (implants or fat grafting) and/or breast lift procedures.

While having these celebrities’ features as inspiration for plastic surgery procedures means you do not get the same exact feature as them after surgery, it is still indefinitely better to have these features proportional to your unique body type—at least it means having your overall body suited to fit you.

Basically, plastic surgery can help you enhance your beauty or improve your existing look without changing your identity. Plastic surgery should be used to help you boost your confidence and self-esteem, and make you feel better about yourself as a whole.



So long as it is not Michael Jackson’s nose that you are after, beauty trends set by hot celebrities may indeed bring out an even more beautiful you! Of course, it is of utmost importance to me for my patients to have a realistic expectation of what plastic surgery can or cannot achieve. While you may not look 100% identical to your favorite celebrity after plastic surgery, surgery procedures can definitely be a way to help emphasize your beauty to create the best possible you.

Plastic surgery is about bringing out the most beautiful you without losing what makes you, you.

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