June 8, 2018

Rectus Diastasis Can Happen to Men As Well: Don’t Ignore the Abdomen Buldge

June 8, 2018

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You may have thought that rectus diastasis usually happens to postpartum women, but this condition can also affect men. In fact, it can affect anyone. 

Examples of what a rectus diastasis looks like :

DiastasisRecti rectus diastasis in man

How do you check for rectus diastasis? 

You can perform a self-check following the steps below:

1. Put your fingers where your belly button is. While trying to do a sit-up, you will feel a gap deep in your midline.

2. When doing a sit-up, there is a sausage-like bulge on the abdomen.

3. If you are a fairly lean person and careful with your diet and exercise but have a bulge on your abdomen or a “pregnant looking bulge” that does not go away, these point toward possibly separated abdominal core muscles. You may have a rectus diastasis problem.

The best is still to make a proper consultation with a plastic surgeon to confirm your problem.

So what does rectus diastasis mean? 

Rectus refers to the abdominal or core muscles.

Diastasis means separation gap. 

Rectus diastasis means there’s a gap between the left and right abdominal muscles or a separation in the midline of the core muscles. The separation gap can be larger than 2 cm. 

rectus diastasis diagram

How can this happen to men?

This rectus diastasis can happen to anyone, for example:

  • Improper weight management: It can happen to those who go back and forth in weight gain and loss. 
  • Poor exercise technique: It can also result from improper way of doing exercise or workout routine, particularly strength training exercises. It can also occur from poorly managed sit-ups or weightlifting exercises.
  • Idiopathic: This means anyone can get it at any point in their life.

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