Endoscopic surgery, is an innovative plastic surgery technique that involves the use of an endoscope. Endoscopic surgery is minimally invasive when compared to more open techniques, and as a result incisions are smaller. Because of this, there are fewer scars, and less downtime. Using an endoscope also gives surgeons the flexibility to tailor procedures.

About the endoscope
The endoscope is a tube shaped probe that is fitted with a tiny camera and a bright light on one end. It is a surgical viewing instrument that allows physicians to see the body’s internal structures during surgery, thereby enhancing outcomes. The endoscope is now used in a number of cosmetic procedures including the tummy tuck, brow lift, nose surgery, and breast lift.

Endoscopic Cosmetic Procedures
For the tummy tuck, the endoscope is inserted via a very small incision made near the bikini line. An endoscopic tummy tuck delivers very good results, especially for patients with weak abdominal muscles. It provides the guidance the surgeon needs, to identify the vertical muscles of the abdominal wall that need to be tightened.

In a Brow lift or forehead lift the endoscope is inserted under the skin via incisions made at the hairline. This is a marked difference from the more invasive ear-to-ear incision made for a traditional brow lift.

In nose surgery, the endoscope is commonly used to pinpoint sinus difficulties. With the help of the endoscope, Dr. Marco is better able to identify problems in the sinus cavity, and correct sinus-drainage and other issues.

The incisions for the endoscopic breast lift are made under the armpits. The surgeon is able to perform the operation through this small opening, thereby resulting in fewer scars.

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