Tips for Preparing Facial Surgery

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Preparing for Facial Surgery

Preparing for Facial Surgery – this includes patient who is undergoing Facelift, Upper facelift, Ear Surgery, Eyelids & Eye Bags & Nose & Chin Surgery

Below are lists of items that our nurses have prepared for you to have a guide as to what to prepare prior to surgery.

What time should I Stop eating and what time should I reach the Hospital?

Please follow below as a guide. If you are on any special medication such as for your diabetes, hypertension or heart medication etc..

Please check with our clinic staff.

fasting table for pre-opertation surgery

Night before Surgery

  • Wash and dry your hair. Do not apply any hair serum / hair tonic on your hair.
  • Wash face clean and do not apply any creams if possible.
  • Remove all jewelries
  • Remove all nail polish
  • Wash nose clean and try to trim your nostril hair as short as possible ( for Nose Surgery )
  • Brush teeth and gargle with mouthwash  ( for Chin Augmentation )

Pack your Bag

  • Ensure that you have packed along an  Open front Shirt , or a front zip with jacket with hoodie
  • Pack along a Shawl
  • Sunglass – loose fitting one
  • Pre Admission Letter from the clinic
  • Wallet with minimal sufficient cash , credit card for hospital payment and NRIC / Passport
  • Avoid bringing any jewelry or expensive items along

Prepare your home for an easier post op

  • Prepare at least 1 bottle of mineral water or boil water in your fridge
  • Prepare a few clean face towel and a small bowl by your bedside
  • Prepare extra pillows on your bed so that when you are home after your surgery, you can rest more propped up in your bed
  • If you are living alone, do ensure that you have purchase some food in your refrigerator so that you do not need to expose yourself out in the mall to get your meals


  • Organise to have someone responsible to accompany you home on the day of your discharge.
  • We do not advise you to drive home on your own after the surgery or on the day of your discharge.


*Information above serves as a guide for patients at Dr Marco Faria-Correa Plastic Surgery Pte Ltd and subjected to changes.

For any enquires, please contact the clinic staff at  Call 65-6464 8075 or SMS  65-9176 1813

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