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What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is the general term referring to a variety of surgical procedures that can be performed by Dr. Marco.

Labia Minora Reduction

In most women, the labia minora, are seen only when the legs are separated. However, in some women, large and asymmetrical labia minora are visible when the legs are not apart, or are barely separated. This causes them embarrassment and self-consciousness. Most women do not like the labia minora hanging out beyond the labia Majora. Enlarged labia minora are usually congenital but may increase is size from hormonal changes or childbirth.

Labia Majora Reduction

Some patients request a reduction in the size of the labia Majora. Enlarged labia majora may also be noticeable in tight fitting pants (camel toe – slang term) and can cause discomfort during intercourse, while wearing certain clothes, or with exercise. This is reduced surgically with scars well hidden within natural grooves in the area.

Labia Fat Grafting and Mons Pubis Fat Grafting

As part of the ageing process, women lose fatty tissue in a variety of body areas, commonly seen in the face and breasts. The pubic area is also an area where fat loss is seen. The results are often very visible, especially after waxing in this area. Women are often looking to eliminate the wrinkly saggy appearance of the pubic area. Dr Marco will often do fat transfer of the labia majora to improve the contour of the labia majora by enhancing the shape, increasing size, correcting imbalances and improving firmness. Apart from the aesthetic reasons for this procedure, the loss of padding especially in the mons pubis area can result in sexual intercourse becoming uncomfortable.

Mons Pubis Liposuction

Some patients feel like this area is too bulky and gives too much of a bulge in the crotch area when wearing tight clothes. This can be quite upsetting for patients and may affect their self esteem. Often the mons pubis is made more obvious as a result of the patient having liposuction in other areas such as the abdomen. The resulting loss of fat and slimmed down effect on the stomach results in this exaggeration of the mons pubis.

Liposuction of the mons pubis is done to reduce the bulk in the mons pubis and gives a slimmer profile that does not protrude excessively.

Am I a Candidate for female genital rejuvenation surgery?

The decision to have cosmetic surgery is an intensely personal matter, and when it’s your genital area you want to improve, the decision becomes even more intimate. A labiaplasty addresses large or irregularly shaped labia. Some women are born with overly large labia, while others experience the condition following childbirth or as a result of ageing. Dr. Marco has years of experience helping women who are not satisfied with the appearance of their labia – the liplike, inner folds and outer folds that surround the vaginal opening. A good candidate is a person who is generally a good candidate for surgery. Someone who is fit for surgery and presents with the above mentioned problems.

How is female genital rejuvenation Surgery Performed by Dr. Marco?

Dr Marco will sit down with you and discuss what you want to achieve. He takes his time to discuss all aspects of what can be achieved and after that will decide which procedures will give you the best results. This may involve one or more of the procedures mentioned above. Various techniques are available for removing and reducing excess labia skin tissue. The scars are minimal and well hidden in this area and healing is also relatively quick. The Anaesthetic used can vary on the procedure and your own level of comfort. Techniques such as local anaesthetic, twilight sedation, epidural and general anaesthetic can be used by the specialist anaesthetist.

The fat grafting is done using the patients own fat taken from an area Dr Marco and yourself are happy with, most often they are areas most patients are happy to have slimmer such as abdomen, hips and thighs.

Vaginoplasty or vaginal rejuvenation is a procedure done to tighten the vagina and restore muscle tone after vaginal child birth or ageing . This is easily performed in conjunction with labiaplasty and done by a specialist in this area, generally an ob/gyn.

Other cosmetic procedures such as breast augmentation and tummy tuck can be performed at the same time as labiaplasty and would require a trip to the operating room and general anaesthesia.

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What Results can I expect from a my female genital rejuvenation? (labiaplasty, Labia Fat Grafting and Mons Pubis liposuction)

The result is a more symmetrical, aesthetically-pleasing and youthful appearance in the genital area. This leads to increased confidence and/or comfort in this sensitive area, and you’ll maintain sensation and feeling in your labia after surgery.

What is involved in my female genital rejuvenation recovery?

While it may seem that this is a very sensitive area to have surgery on; in fact, the labia are very resilient and heal speedily. Pain that may require narcotic pain medicine typically lasts only a few days. The post-op care is fairly easy and involves cleansing several times per day and the application of antibiotic ointment for a week. Most of the swelling and all of the external stitches disappear by two weeks.

Labiaplasty patients should refrain from intercourse for at least 4 weeks after surgery. This does not mean that other types of sexual activity cannot take place. Even after 4 weeks the labia incisions may be sensitive and patients need to use caution and plenty of lubrication.

Are There Risks Involved in Female genital rejuvenation surgery?

Although all surgical procedures carry some risk, Dr. Marco is highly skilled and uses his years of expertise to keep you safe.  In some rare  cases, infection could occur. In response to these cases, antibiotics are administered for three days around the surgery. There is also a small chance that the antibiotics can cause a yeast infection. This is easily remedied by stopping the antibiotics and applying a topical anti-yeast agent.

Regarding bleeding, the labia are very vascular and bleed easily. During the surgery, local anaesthetic is injected into the tissue. This blocks the sensation and also constricts blood vessels. As a result, there is very little bleeding during the surgery and a bleeding complication after surgery is rare.

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