It is no surprise that the two biggest post-pregnancy body image complaints that bring patients in to consult a plastic surgeon are sagging breasts and a loose tummy. Therefore, the Mummy Makeover was developed as a surgical approach to address various post-pregnancy body issues simultaneously.

mommy makeover


The Mummy Makeover is a range of procedures designed to help mothers regain the youthfulness of their breasts, their tummy, their body and their face that’s has been changed with age and the effects of pregnancy and childbirth.

A Mummy Makeover typically treats the following areas:


When a woman becomes pregnant, her breasts engorge; they get much larger with milk. Whether mums breastfeed or not, there is significant impact on their breasts to the extent where their breasts begin to droop. Also, their breasts become smaller after pregnancy. Hence, the thought process behind re-creating a mum’s breasts following pregnancy is to return her that upper pole fullness that she once enjoyed, or maybe even make it better than it was before. Depending on the individual’s condition, they can be addressed with breast augmentation, breast lift, or a breast reduction.

In addition, it is interesting to note that lifting the breasts also helps to lengthen the torso. As their breasts sag and their tummy fills out, mums look heavier because their trunks become visually shortened. As a result, when the surgery lifts the breasts and brings them up on the chest, the trunk becomes longer and by relative proportions looks much slimmer, be it whether anything is done to the tummy.


There is an array of issues and solutions when it comes to the body contouring part of a Mummy Makeover. For some mums, it may be just excess skin that needs to be removed. Whereas, other mums require a tummy tuck which removes excess skin and fat as well as addresses the layers underneath the skin and fat—the muscles. By stitching together the muscles that were stretched apart during childbearing, mums can achieve a flat tummy. In addition, liposuction, which can address excess fat when there isn’t sagging skin or loose muscles, is another common option used to improve a mum’s tummy after pregnancy

Additionally, many mum experience redundant or hanging labia skin after repeated pregnancies and vaginal deliveries. This might can embarrassment, pain with intercourse, or even friction sores when doing exercise. Labiaplasty can then be performed to remove excess or stretched-out labia minora to create and neater and tidier appearance to the labia area.

labiaplasty in mommy makeover


Some women also want to rejuvenate their faces at the time of their Mummy Makeover, doing multiple surgeries in one setting. The procedures for facial rejuvenation includes facelift, neck lift, fat grafting, injections to treat expression lines and wrinkles , and dermal fillers. Lifting of the face helps to address the sagging skin and muscles, while fat grafting and dermal fillers aim to restore lose volume due to aging. Facial rejuvenation smoothes out the wrinkles, frown lines, and smile lines which can make a person look old and maybe even perpetually angry.

Sometimes, a combination of procedures will be done in the same setting. For example, having breast surgery done together while a tummy tuck. This combination will typically take longer hours, but it saves expense and recovery time compared to diving it up into two operations at different times.


Most of the procedures in the Mummy Makeover do not affect future pregnancies. Patients who have had breast implants and did breast lifts do not have any problems breast-feeding after, as long as it is not done via the periareolar incisions. Other procedures such as facelifts, necklift, labiaplasty, and liposculpture do not affect future pregnancies in any way either.

In terms of a tummy tuck, I will advice my patients to wait if they are sure they will be getting pregnant in the near future. However, most patients who were pregnant again after they have had a tummy tuck did not report any complications—the abdominal muscles and skin stretch as per normal during the fetal’s development. In fact, they even reported having better figures than after their first pregnancy!

No doubt lots of beautiful things come with babies, but it definitely takes a toll on a woman’s figure.

No doubt lots of beautiful things come with babies, but it definitely takes a toll on a woman’s figure.

In general, there is no best or worst time to have a Mummy Makeover, in fact, some of my patients are even grandmothers! Once the time calls for it, don’t put it off. Most of my patients say that it is the best thing they have ever done for themselves and wish that they have done it sooner.

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