Beauty is no longer just in the eyes of the beholder.  In this current trend where you not only need to have the hardware of being  a smarty with papers , but you also need the software of appeal looking to give you that edgy look to outshine your competitor.

In recent according to Brazilian Plastic Surgeon, Dr Marco Faria Correa, there is an increase of men coming into the clinic asking for liposuction and liposculpture procedure.

Some of these male patients who see Dr Marco are not overweight. They are fit and spend many hours in the gym trying to build their muscles and follow a healthy diet regime.  However there are just areas of “fat” that doesn’t seem to go away. One common area is the love handles (hips areas) or even the bulges on the abdomen where it doesn’t allow them to show off their defined 6 packs.  Some complains of some small bulges here and there when they wear a fitted t-shirt or even when they are suited up with tie where the small bulge on the double chin can even disturb them. Liposuction can help to sculpt the body by removing unwanted fat.


According to Dr Marco, it is not just liposuction. It is called as selective refinement liposuction where liposuction is done under local anaesthesia with the patient awake, in front of the mirror with very small liposuction cannula. Dr Marco will ask the patient to sit down or even stand or lying on their sides to show the areas and   perform the liposuction procedure.

This is because when we lie down (the usual way of performing surgery where patient lies on the surgical table) we cannot see the selective bulges that bothers and disturbs the patient.  This technique that Dr Marco performs applies also to his female patient.

The other group of men are those who do not exercise that often, bit overweight but wants a quick way out for shaping their body.  Areas goes from abdomen , inner and outer thighs  and one of the common procedure that is often requested by men is the liposuction on the breast, known as Gynecomastia where there are excess fat and breast tissue in the man‘s breast.

For the current modern society, it has changed completely how we look at men. Men need to keep up with the way they look. Whether if there is stereotyping or not, it is a reality in the business world that one will have to look neat, youthful, manly looking and physically adequate.

Liposuction for men and women differ significantly. Be sure to look for an experienced and accredited plastic surgeon that is able to best guide you to achieve a shape and contour body.

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