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What is Robotic Surgery?

It is a minimally invasive surgery that uses a high tech machine call the Da Vinci Surgical System.

This Da Vinci Surgical System does not have any autonomy to operate on you. It is the surgeon who will operate on you. The surgeon will be the one who will sit at the console station and operate the machine to perform the surgery.

The advantage of using this Da Vinci Surgical System is because it shows the surgeon a 3D high-resolution surgical field and allows the surgeon to operate the robotic arms with his fingers on the control button on the console station. The console station allows the surgeon to perform the surgery in a more precise manner. The robotic arms can also bend and twist at angles that a surgeon’s hands can’t reach. The Da Vinci Surgical System allows for smaller incisional scars, less risk of infection and a faster recovery time with better clinical outcome.

This robotic surgery has been used in cardiac, colorectal, general surgery, gynaecology, urology, head & neck surgery.

Dr Marco Faria Correa & His Interest in Robotic Surgery

An Inventor / Scientist that likes to explore new ideas in his field of work.

Back in mid-2013, Dr Marco saw one of his gynaecology colleagues Dr Suresh Nair operating using the Da Vinci Surgical System and was amazed on how much precision this machine could handle in the surgical field.

This led to Dr Marco’s vision of enhancing and bringing his current Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery Procedures to the next level by incorporating Robotic Systems.

ongoing surgery in the operation room

Dr Marco Faria Correa & his Robotic Training

Dr Marco started his basic training with the help of Transmedic who is the local distributor of Da Vinci Surgical System and there are 4 phases of training. He finished his online certification with INTUITIVE SURGICAL that consisted of the basic introductory information on Da Vinci Surgical System in 2014. This included test drive, working in the Epic Centre and establishing case series planning. To complete his full training, he went to one of 2 recognized training centres in Asia; he chose to complete it in Korea and was awarded the Certification of Da Vinci System Training as a Console Surgeon in 2015.

During this journey, Dr Marco not only worked closely with his local fellow Robotic Surgeons but also presented his cases during conferences in Plastic Surgery. He also had the opportunity to present to the Hernia Society his advanced work in Robotic for Plication of Muscles Aponeurotic Abdominal Wall and his 1st published paper on Springer’s New Concepts on Abdominoplasty and Further Applications.

Dr Marco did not just stop here. He recently went to the world-renowned STAN Institute in Nancy, France in late Jan 2017 and advanced his Robotic Skills and was awarded the Diploma in Robotic Surgery.

STAN institute cover photo

Dr Marco Faria Correa & His Robotic Certifications

Image Intuitive Surgical cert
Online Certification from INTUITIVE Surgical successfully completed the da Vinci Surgical Training Module consisting basic introductory information regarding da Vinci Surgical System
3/ 12/ 2014
Image cert universite de lorraine
Certificate of Attendance, Robotic Surgery Course conducted by Universite De Lorraine & Faculte Medecine , Nancy
30th Jan to 3rd Feb 2017
Image cert daVincisystem
Certificate of da Vinci System Training as A Console Surgeon
Jan 28, 2015
Image cert EACCME
Diploma in Robotic Surgery
Nancy, France
Accredited by EACCME
30th Jan to 3rd Feb 2017

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