Understand What is Breast Reconstruction ? 

Breast reconstruction is a surgery to recreate the breast after one undergone removal of the breast due to cancer. The reconstruction may not have the full function of a normal breast but it gives the women a sense of feeling feminine once again, enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem and also increase their quality of life.  This breast reconstructive surgery allows one to feel complete as a woman.

What are the options for Breast Reconstruction?

There are various options available such as

using of breast silicon implants – for placing an silicon implants , it is usually done in the1st stage if there is sufficient skin  or it can be done as a 2nd stage reconstruction . during the time when the mastectomy is done ,  a tissue expander is placed and filled to a desire amount of volume to stretch the skin pocket. The tissue expander is then stretched over a few times  before it is ready for the 2nd stage of reconstruction.

using own body tissue – for some cases it is possible for one to undergo a  tissue flap procedure. It can be from the patient’s  own body tissue from the abdomen  which is the TRAM  flap or the Latissimus dorsi flap that is taking the tissue from the back.

using fat from own body – for some cases , we can also harvest fat  from varies areas of the body to graft to  the breast  for reconstruction.

Does breast reconstruction also include the nipple ?

It depends on the complexity of the case , sometimes the nipple and the areola are removed  during the mastectomy surgery but sometimes the nipple and areola are preserved  and this is call the nipple areola spar mastectomy .  However nipple reconstruction can be done at the last stage after the breast reconstruction is completed.

How do I know I am suitable for Breast Reconstruction?

Depending on your medical condition and the surgical plans discussion with your Breast Surgeon /Mastologist, there are choices for an immediate breast reconstruction or a delayed/ later breast reconstruction.

Can this be covered by medical insurance ?

If your surgery of mastectomy or lumpectomy is covered by medical insurance , your reconstruction surgery should be covered by medical insurance as well. However it is best to check with your insurance company on your coverage and to be advised by them.

Is this considered as a Cosmetic surgery  ?

Breast Reconstruction is considered a reconstructive surgery and not consider as a cosmetic surgery but of course the goal of a breast reconstruction is to reconstructing a breast with a nice cosmetic result.

What else do I need to know about breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a surgery to be performed on those patients that have a high chance of being cured by breast cancer and we will not do any breast reconstruction without the clearance and green light of the oncologist.

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