August 31, 2023

Can I Breastfeed After Breast Augmentation? Here’s What You Need To Know

August 31, 2023

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Breastfeeding after breast augmentation surgery is a topic that raises several questions for those considering this type of surgery. We aim to provide clarification, detailing whether breastfeeding is possible post-surgery and exploring the various factors that can influence this.

Breast Augmentation and Its Impact on Breastfeeding

Breast augmentation can have various implications on breastfeeding, depending on several factors:

  • Surgical technique: Incisions made under the fold of the breast or through the armpit are less likely to impact milk ducts compared to incisions around or across the areola.
  • Location of implants: Implants placed under the chest muscle (submuscular placement) are less likely to interfere with milk production than those placed over the chest muscle (subglandular placement).

The Medical Perspective

The general consensus is that breastfeeding after breast augmentation is typically possible and safe for both the mother and baby. Breast augmentation does not necessarily prevent a woman from breastfeeding. The specific effects can vary based on factors such as the surgical technique used, the location of the implants, and individual physiological factors.

A critical point of agreement among medical professionals is that silicone from breast implants does not contaminate breast milk. Several studies have found no significant difference in the breast milk levels of women with silicone breast implants compared to those without.

While some women with breast implants may experience difficulties with milk production or milk supply, many without implants also experience similar breastfeeding challenges, making it challenging to establish a direct correlation between these difficulties and the breast augmentation surgery.

Those considering breast augmentation should discuss potential impacts on breastfeeding with their surgeon or a medical professional, as each case is unique. 

For women who have undergone augmentation and are planning to breastfeed, consult with a lactation consultant to address any concerns.

Precautionary Measures Before and After Surgery

Before deciding on the procedure, you must:

  • Discuss potential impacts on breastfeeding with your surgeon
  • Ensure you fully understand the risks and benefits of the different types of implants and surgical techniques

Post-operative care guidelines that could help in preserving breastfeeding ability include:

  • Following all post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon
  • Regular check-ups to ensure proper healing and detect any complications early
  • Staying hydrated and maintaining a balanced diet to support milk production


Breastfeeding after breast augmentation is genrally possible, but several factors can influence this. Discuss concerns with your plastic surgeon and consider all potential implications before deciding to undergo a breast augmentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the location of the implants affect breastfeeding? 

Yes, implants placed under the chest muscle are generally less likely to interfere with milk production.

Will breastfeeding change the appearance of my augmented breasts? 

Breastfeeding can lead to changes in breast size and shape, whether you have implants or not. These changes vary greatly among individuals.

Should I wait for a certain period after surgery before I start breastfeeding? 

Yes, it’s usually recommended to wait until your breasts have fully healed before you start breastfeeding, typically a few months after surgery.

How can I improve milk production after breast augmentation? 

Staying hydrated, maintaining a healthy diet, and nursing or pumping regularly can help improve milk production. If you have concerns about milk production, consult with a lactation consultant or healthcare provider.