Facelift surgery is also known as rhytidectomy and is one of the most requested surgical procedures by both men and women who want to look as young as they feel.

Lower face and neck lift is performed to remove the excess skin that is hanging usually around the cheeks, jawlines, smoothen out the skin and reduces the deep folds and lines.

The upper facelift treats the forehead, droopy brows, and frequently associate with upper and lower eyelids and eye bags. facelift surgery will help to rejuvenate the tired looking face, bringing back your fresh look appearance.  

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What are the usual complaints that leads one to see do a facelift?

Aging Spots on the Face

  • droopy brows
  • droopy eyelids and eye bag
  •  hanging cheeks and uneven jawline
  • deep smile lines
  • looking heavy and tired
  • lines on necks and flabby looking

What is the  Facelift procedure like ?

Facelift procedure is performed under local anesthesia with sedation under the care of the anesthetist in the operating theatre in the hospital or day surgery centre.

Depending on what is needed to be done for the patient, the surgery plan is customized. There are various approach and techniques that will be discussed during the consultation.

The incisions are strategically placed in the hair bearing area or in certain cases at the hairline.

In a full face neck lift, it goes around the ear, following the anatomical creases and folds, hidden inside the ear and behind the ear tragus and contouring the retroauricular fold. It leaves hidden and inconspicuous  scar in most of the cases.

The skin is undermined from the deep tissue. The tendon of the muscle (SMAS) will received the needed treatment. Every case is tailored to the patient’s needs accordingly. Vertical plication parallel to the smile lines are higher SMAS to lift to project more the cheek area and improves the orbital area (eye socket). The deeper tissue can be tighten with sutures or the excess tissue are trimmed away. The  SMAS  tissue can be  flipped  over to recreate the zygomatic arch  to give the cheekbones a fuller effect. This makes the facelift last longer and improves one’s facial shape by giving it a more youthful outline without a pull back or tight fake look.

To treat the  turkey neck ,  the name of the procedure is cervicoplasty  or  platysmaplasty .    The procedure is done through a small incision made under the chin. The weaken neck muscles are tighten and some fat are removed. In certain cases , we also combine liposuction  for those fatty  neck.

Men’s facelift

For Men’s facelift  procedure  Dr Marco tends to  focus more around the  mid and lower face or the neck to give the men a fresh and lighter look.  The surgery performed is similar to the above described , taking into consideration of the beard not bringing it inside the ear. Even the upper brows are also lifted lighter compared to the woman that wants a more defined upper brow lift.  The upper eyelid skin is lightly trimmed and any eye bags are also removed just sufficient to give the orbital eye area a fresh look.

What is the recovery like for facelift?

The recovery varies from individual but it is usually  between 7 to 10 days. The smaller stitches on the eye areas are removed within 3 to 5 days , while the rest of the stitches are removed between 5  to 10days.

There may be so slight bruising and  swelling for a few days .  Returning back to routine exercise  we will advise to start after 4 to 6 weeks time.

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