How to correct Inverted Nipples?

Having beautiful breasts means the world to every woman. For some who has inverted nipples, it can make one feel less attractive.

What is Inverted Nipples?

It is caused by the fibrotic tissue or the ligament that holds the nipple inwards and the nipple areola muscle contracts and cannot project the nipple outwards.

It can happen to either one or both breasts can be hereditary and happen in men. This does not cause any health problems or risk.

woman _breast_fbWhat will it affect?

Breastfeeding may be affected as there is an increased risk of Mastitis ( a kind of breast infection or inflammation during lactation )

How can we treat this Inverted Nipple?

Sometimes we can stretch out the nipple to “pop ” out for mild cases.

For severe cases , undergoing a surgery can help to solve this problem but re-inversion of the nipple can happen. Sometimes there might be some temporary loss of sensation after the surgery.

If you suspect you might have this problem , do seek clarification and consultation with your doctor.

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