Ear Lobe Repair (Stretched or Split Earlobe Repair)

As people wear earrings, over time the piercing holes often stretch and become elongated. It happens also frequently to those who wears heavier earrings.

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What Can Happen?

When the piercing holes are stretched, earrings can slip down and not stay in place, which makes it difficult to wear certain types of earrings.
The bottom of the piercing holes may wear through completely resulting the earlobe to split or tear at which point it becomes impossible to wear earrings.

How can it be repaired?

The edges of the split must be repaired by first trimming the edges of the split and then stitched with a zig-zag pattern in order to minimize the chances of notching at the edge of the earlobe.

The procedure itself is performed under local anaesthetic, and can be done in the clinic and takes around 20minutes for each ear lobe. Stitches are removed usually after 5 -7 days and you can re-pierce your eye lobes in a few months’ time.

However to re-pierce your ears, it is best recommend if you can do it in a slightly different place than the original piercing hole. This is because the original piercing hole is within the new scar and can be as strong as the normal unscarred skin. Placing the piercing hole within the scar can lead to potential tear.


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