Nipple reduction is usually requested by women who are born with very prominent, overly large nipples. Unfortunately this can be an embarrassing problem for them, especially if the nipples are constantly erect, and very noticeable under clothing.

Adjusting the nipples by way of nipple reduction surgery, is one way to enhance the shape and size of the breasts. Women with nipples that are large and long, are good candidates for the procedure. Furthermore, they should be in good health, and have realistic expectations about the outcome.

Nipple Reduction Surgery
The procedure is usually done under local anesthesia in the physician’s surgical suite. The surgeon will make a very small incision on the nipple, and the excess tissue is then removed via the incision. After this, the nipple is reshaped and stitched. Gauze dressings are placed over the breasts, and patients are fitted with a special surgical bra that is to be worn for the duration of the healing process. The operation takes about 1 hour.

After Nipple Reduction Surgery
There is likely to be some soreness and pain after surgery. However, the doctor will prescribe pain medication, and this should relieve any discomfort. Most patients are able to return to work about 2 days after surgery, but nothing strenuous should be done for at least 3 weeks.

There are times when an areola, the circular area around the nipple, reduction is done in conjunction with a nipple reduction. This often takes place if the areola is also very large and puffy.

If you think that your nipples are too big in relation to your breast size, or you are unhappy with the size and projection of your nipples, then you can contact our office for a consultation about nipple reduction surgery.