Brazilian Butt Lift is also known as BBL 

It is a surgical procedure that uses one’s own fat to be transferred to the buttocks to create the desire buttock shape.

Plastic Surgeon Dr Marco commented that liposuction will be done to areas such as the hips/love handles, outer thighs or even inner thighs and the fat is transferred and injected to the buttocks.

The benefit of a BBL?

-gives a natural feel and look on the buttocks

-high level of fat retention

-short recovery time

Who can have the BBL? 

-anyone who is fit and healthy and is not happy with their current shape and wish to have a curvy and perky buttock

-one who has sufficient fat in unwanted areas such as hips or love handles or thighs

BBL process2_drmarcoplasticsurgery
Expected Results? 

-buttocks will look fuller and perkier

-(the other areas where liposuction is done will be smaller and slimmer )

-the body will have more curves and silhouette will be improved

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