January 25, 2017

My Child went to school and wants Ears Fixed!

January 25, 2017

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It is the holiday period, and the new school term is just weeks away. Somehow we see parents bringing in their child to see a plastic surgeon for the problem – the ears.

Every parent wants the best for their child, and we tend to see more parents seeking help from plastic surgeons for their child’s prominent ears. Prominent ears, also known as bats ears, can be surgically treated to alter the ear’s size and shape or set so they are closer to the head. This procedure is known as otoplasty.

According to Dr Marco, it is relatively common to see these cases coming into his clinic before the child starts school or during the school holidays.

Dr Marco mentioned that parents would bring their child in for a consultation, and their mindset is to book the date for the procedure. However, Dr Marco always insists on speaking to the child and asking what the problem is and if it is troubling him/her.

male child with hands behind his ears

“It is important to know what & how the child wants and feels, and if they are being teased or bullied by friends in school or even called names due to how their ears look. This kind of negative effects can affect the child psychologically and affect their well-being in school and life. No one wants to be call names and being teased”.

Dr Marco commented that some of the children really want to have the otoplasty procedure. They would even be willing to listen to instructions and cooperate during the procedure, which takes around 45 minutes, done in the clinic under local anaesthesia. The child will participate in taking the photos before the procedure and during the whole entire procedure. They are even vocal about if they feel any pain or discomfort during the procedure! Of course, you need to keep them informed of what you are going to do to them.

Dr Marco emphasised that he will assess those who can have the procedure under local anaesthesia during the consultation. Otherwise, it has to be done under sedation or general anaesthesia in the day surgery centre or hospital.

The downtime for the procedure is about 3 days with minimal swelling, and the final stitches will be removed around 10 days. Dr Marco advises children to wear an elastic binder (like those sweatbands that tennis player wears or hair bands for ladies) for at least a month or two, depending on individual cases. It’s also best used during sleep time.

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