Monthly Archives: October 2016

Is It Acceptable For Teenagers To Undergo Rhinoplasty?

More than almost any other age group, teenagers are subjected to the pressure of their peers. Physical appearance plays a key role in how confident teenagers may feel in the social world at large.

For many teens, a nose that is too large or misshapen can be the source of teasing, embarrassment, and discomfort. Teenage […]

In-office Lunchtime Liposuction

It isn’t easy to lose fat, especially with a busy schedule right here in Singapore. Finding the time to hit the gym or preparing healthy and light meals every single day may not be feasible either. And even if you are consistent and succeed in losing some weight, you might find that problem areas […]

Plastic Surgery To Look Like Celebrities

While many people choose to have plastic surgery to restore a function or to enhance a feature they are not happy about, some people decide to have surgery for a reason that is quite impractical—they want to undergo plastic surgery to look like their favorite celebrity.

But that is not what plastic surgery is about. […]

Popular Cosmetic Procedures For Brides

Wedding planning is not all about sourcing for the perfect venue, most beautiful dress and cake. The wedding day is meant to be the bride’s most important day of her life and it is natural that she will want to look her best.

But what cosmetic procedures can she do and when to do them […]