Understand Breast Lifting & Breast Reduction

What do you mean by breast lifting & breast reduction?

The breast lift, also commonly known as mastopexy and breast reduction, is done to improve the shape of your breasts, especially if they are sagging due to various reasons such as:

– Breastfeeding

– Pregnancy

– Ageing

– Unstable weight gain and loss

What does it involve?

The procedure includes the breasts, nipples, and areola. Dr Marco commented that he sometimes removes some breast tissue, tightens the skin, and readjusts the areola. If necessary, he also reduces the nipples. The most effective way to do a breast lift is through an inverted T-incision.

Why is it done?

The reasons can vary. Often, it is because the lady complains about the heavy weight of the breasts that can cause back, neck, and shoulder aches and pain, causing postural problems.

It also can cause skin irritations problems. Heavy breasts tend to leave deep indentations on the lady’s shoulder.

Heavy or big breasts can also cause disturbance to daily activities, such as participating in sports or any physical activities that may cause pain and discomfort.

It can also cause some psychological self-consciousness and emotional distress if the breasts are out of proportion to her height and weight.

According to Dr Marco, almost most of the women who choose to undergo breast lifting/breast reduction surgery feel instant relief. They can dress and fit themselves nicely into their bra and clothes.

The breasts which are lifted and reduced are lighter and firmer, and more evenly proportioned. More importantly, it makes their daily activities easier since they no longer have neck and shoulder pains.

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Fat for My Breasts?

Plastic Surgeon Dr Marco said it is possible to use your own body fat to enlarge and enhance your breasts.

This is known as the fat grafting procedure.

Firstly, one will have to be:
a. assess how much they wish to enlarge & enhance
b. sufficient body fat for grafting
c. undergo a medical check-up to know she is fit for surgery

The procedure will start with liposuction to get excess fat in areas such as hips/love handles, inner or outer thighs, and even arms.

After harvesting the fat, it undergoes a centrifugation process to separate and remove unwanted components such as blood, water or oil. The remaining fat is then injected into the breast.

According to Dr Marco, this procedure is getting more popular and provides two benefits for ladies. They can have breast enlargement to their desired size and liposuction of excess fat.

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