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Make Way For A Brand New You: Its Mummy Makeover Time!

“You’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression,” this was always a phrase that refers to the courtship ritual, maybe job interviews too. Whether it refers to our pearly white smiles, our haircut, or even our general physique, our appearances do matter for first impressions, or at least for our self-confidence.

This […]

From Top to Toe! Understanding Aesthetic Surgery…

Physical appearance has long played a major role in our lives. Research has shown that as human beings, our appearance not only affects how we view ourselves, it also affects how we are treated in a society. Therefore, it is not surprising that as a supplement to grooming and exercise, cosmetic and plastic surgery […]

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    Welcome to Dr Marco Faria Correa’s New Plastic Surgery Blog!

Welcome to Dr Marco Faria Correa’s New Plastic Surgery Blog!

I am Dr Marco Faria Correa, a Brazilian plastic surgeon currently based in Singapore.

Welcome to my new blog, where I will be sharing interesting information focused exclusively on plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement procedures, relevant to my patients and all public in general!

This blog will feature topics involving common plastic surgery procedures, including robotic […]